Aviation 3.0?

It will be a bit later now, but it's coming. Closed Loop is ready. Will you be?

For a while, our industry journey will be different.

COVID-19 has broken the industry for a while. While there are some "green shoots" as some city pairs tentatively open, and then close again, for the most part, the industry is reeling. Forecasts for recovery are at best, best guesses. IATA's projections include an ever-widening cone of uncertainty around their predictions. Nevertheless, whether it's two years or five, the industry will recover— society and trade will drive it.

Everyone understands the survival focus, but there is also opportunity beyond opportunistic "restructuring" programs. Closed Loop believes the industry and its airlines have a limited window to recast and correct some of the issues that acted as a handbrake on efficiency before the crisis. Read more in the_Loop.

Talk to us now about assuring your readiness to ensure improved margins drive increasing forward cashflows and improved PVs as the COVID recovery gains momentum.

Navigate your journey with confidence

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From the boardroom To the tarmac And into the airplane
Assurance to the Boardroom, Company Officers and Senior Management. More... Becoming a key issue. Transformation and efficiencies from arrival to departure, throughout the airport precinct and soon to require SWIM and TBO considerations. Connectivity, EFB, Flight Tracking, Fight Watch, Turbulence, Space Weather SWIM and TBO.

Balancing Digitisation, Transformation and Competitive Differentiation with Critical Industry Imperatives

"The only constant in the industry is change", is an often repeated axiom, but the pace of that change is about to move up a notch or two and become more demanding than ever. Moreso on the back of COVID-19.

"Aviation 3.0" (our label) will change the landscape of the industry. It will become necessary for Airlines to balance their competitive differentiators and cooperation with competitors at the same time to ensure the sector can continue to function. Navigating the new journey will be crucial for survival as new paradigms take shape.

What will it take for the industry and airlines be ready? Join "the Loop" and find out what everyone is thinking.

Closed Loop Consulting



Closed Loop is a global team of aviation professionals supporting industry and airline management and their people, to deliver strategically crucial, business-driven, financially sustainable and assured transformation outcomes.


Managing and delivering the coming wave of industry change in the context of airline strategic and efficiency program portfolios is what Closed Loop does. Providing support, guidance or direction through all levels of the airline - from the Board to the tarmac and into the aircraft.

Supporting airlines in four key ways

Closed Loop ADVANTAGE provides ongoing, integrated strategic guidance and assurance to the Industry and Airline Boards and Senior Management.

Closed Loop's Program and Project services provide methodology, frameworks, facilitation and mentoring and other program and project capabilities to the teams responsible for the delivery of your change and transformation strategies.

Our Data Integration and Analysis services are designed to help you unlock the value in your data and position you to integrate with the other players in your aviation ecosystem at the data level, in readiness for near term SWIM obligations. Understand, communicate and integrate with the new industry standards such as AIXM, FIXM, WXXM, AMXM and TIXM.

the Loop is our industry feedback discussion board where airline and industry visionaries can anonymously post thoughts and ideas and debate any aspect of the future direction of the industry, whether real, imagined or desired. Closed Loop gurus will moderate, distil and coalesce discussions into an evolving industry worldview of future strategy, implementation roadmaps and perceived difficulties that need to be overcome. You can register here.

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