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  • Will IATA Survive? A couple of years ago that would have been a ludicrous question, but there are worrying signs that IATA’s best years may be well and truly behind it. As is usually the case, this is due to a perfect storm of circumstances, some of which IATA seems to be oblivious to and others that it is willfully ignoring. Here are five things that could collectively spell the end for IATA. (More)

  • Peak Airline-A Thought Experiment. Thought experiment: the reason the aviation industry is slow to act on 4-Dimensional Trajectory Management (4DTM) is that there's a widespread but unspoken acknowledgement that covid hastened the passing of "peak airline" and if it'll take 10 years to implement, it'll be a waste of resources. It’s best to turtle instead and keep all you can during the inevitable winding down and replacement of the industry. (More)
  • Existential Threats Continue Post Covid. It's not over. Some might be wishfully thinking that COVID is beginning to recede. But sticking one's head up out of the gopher hole and you'll see the dark clouds behind the fleeting glimpses of sunshine. COVID was the catalyst, but the structure of our industry will be the drag on the recovery as the environment, balance sheet repair, and AAVs conspire to totally reset the foundations.

  • In Pursuit of a Unified Industry. Covid-19 has devastated the airline industry, but it’s also provided it with a unique opportunity. Every airline on the planet needs to consider its strategic survival at the same time. Such a  condition has never happened before, and many would hope it never happens again. The commentariat keeps telling us that a more robust and modern industry will take collaboration. Great words, but how serious are we all, and what needs to be done? Especially when the NEW IATA DG tells us all on a recent CAPA webinar that everyone is happy with the way things are.

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