Programs and Projects

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Closed Loop Program and Project Services are focussed on a single outcome - the success of your projects from idea, to completion and beyond.

We know you want to run your projects, so we've developed our project services to assist you at key points in the project lifecycle, or for when the inevitable issues emerge. Our project approach includes a range of graduated components that are tailored and right-sized for your project.

From idea to inception, through to completion and realisation, the following program and project options are designed to help you get your project moving and keep it running smoothly throughout its lifecycle.

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Getting Started.

A quiet conversation with a coffee in a corner to more detailed and formal team workshops. Let's talk about what you're trying to achieve, what types of issues or problems you are trying to solve and together find the best path forward. One thing's for certain, one size doesn't fit all.

To find out how to set your project up to succeed from the start. Click here .

Project need some first aid?

While not inevitable, even a cursory look at how well the industry does projects suggests that the odd hurdle or logjam will probably eventuate. And probably more than once.

Clearing the issues and resettling your project on its path requires skills honed in the art, not the science of project management, and this is Closed Loop's domain.

Whatever the issue, technical, people, plan or budget, suppliers or implementation, we can help you get it all back on the rails. If your project is stuck, click here .


The Business Case.

From simple projects to the more complex, we know where to look to find the savings, and we know how to present a compelling capital and investment analysis.

Spending years in search of an elusive business case to develop a vital capability means giving up years in opportunity cost.

We know the business of airline operations and we can help you take your business case analysis from years to weeks. Click here  to find out more.

Guidance from idea to completion.

While some will want to run with their projects and call on help when its needed, others may need a guiding hand to get things moving. To build the case, to build the team and make the plan, to write the most engaging RFPs and understand the art of selection. Then, implementation planning and execution is key to delivering the results of the project as well as the finaincial outcomes on which its approval was based.

From a silent partner to a more direct guiding role, Closed Loop can help you get from idea to completion in the minimum time possible while ensuring the payback will be met.

Interested in a turn-key outcome? Click Here .

Make no mistake, as successful as these program services are; the journey will be very different from what you might be used to as we partner to deliver your projects sooner and with better financial outcomes than you might think possible.