ADVANTAGE - The Detail

  • Closed Loop ADVANTAGE is a retained service providing high-level quality advice and assurance on strategic direction, operational capability and compliance to senior airline leadership.
  • Closed Loop ADVANTAGE will help airlines to anticipate and adapt successfully to changing technology, regulatory, and data environments and will significantly facilitate competitive performance and operational advantage.
  • Closed Loop ADVANTAGE helps Boards, officeholders and directors to be better informed and prepared for the effect of emerging industry threats on the airline's strategic programs and assure the airline's capability and readiness regarding them.
  • Closed Loop ADVANTAGE is a directed service that is competitively focussed on, and integrated with your operating environment. It is designed to provide governance and risk assurance about emerging industry threats that may affect your situational outcomes.

As an ADVANTAGE customer, Closed Loop will become your in-house strategic advisors in regard to emergent external industry threats and internal program portfolios, providing counsel, governance advice and risk mitigation in addition to globally renowned technical assurance services. Throughout this engagement, Closed Loop will be precluded from offering this service to any other competing airline in your region. The basis of this service is as follows:

  • Development and maintenance of key strategic roadmaps.
  • Benefit from Closed Loop's continuous reinvestment in in-depth industry, technology, data, and operational knowledge and project implementation capability.
  • Anticipate changing strategic and operational landscapes.
  • Retain and improve internal program and project returns.
  • Reduce risk and improve competitive advantage.
  • Support for senior airline leadership in risk, governance and performance delivery.
  • Improve the specification and successful selection of strategically compatible projects.
  • Benefit from our Senior Leadership Updates.