How it works

The workings of the Loop are straightforward.

  1. The Loop is a member-only segment on the Closed Loop Website. Membership is free.
  2. Register your interest.
  3. We'll send you a link so that you can enter a 'handle', a unique user name that protects your anonymity, that you can use in the forum to ensure anonymity. We will not ask for any other private or personal information other than that required to verify you as an industry participant.
  4. We'll send your login credentials, and you can read the developing ideas under subjects of interest, create a thread or start posting your thoughts against the thoughts and discussions already in progress.
  5. Each discussion will be time-limited - but not to a fixed time - this is to ensure the Loop's outcomes can make inroads into industry discourse and drive real change, real efficiencies, and tangible benefits.
  6. Closed Loop will distil the threads into 'position papers,' which will appear in the Loop section of the Closed Loop website. Naturally, participants have access to the free-flow and beneficial knowledge and ideas during the discussions and debate, as well as the final positions that flow from it.
  7. The distilled positions will be published and shared with groups such as IATA, ICAO, CANSO, airports, and the like, and be used to drive direction within those groups. Because Closed Loop will write the final papers, Closed Loop will own the IP.
  8. Nothing is off-limits. Futurists and Imagineers and Science Fiction writers are welcome, protected interests and paper tigers are fair game.

Important note. We have purposefully set the configuration of the discussions so that replies to comments from the site cannot be made by an email reply. This is because the documents from which comments emanate could be evolving. To keep comments relevant, we'd like users to make sure their comments are relevant to the current state of the debate. Hence, the email reply link is directed to the document to make it simple to review the document and then create a new comment or reply to a previous comment via the website.