Data Integration and Analysis


Connecting the different parts of the business and the business to different parts of the industry does not require huge, purpose-built IT systems. It requires clever data. Smart data can be integrated across disparate systems and processes irrespective of the technology with the ability to project intelligence and drive knowledge across the airline is quite simple.

Understanding what your data is revealing about the business or the operation is crucial but big data does not give up answers easilly or without a basis in strategy.

Short-term industry requirements mean connecting many parts of your operation to the rest of the aviation world using a range of new data standards.

What's the state of your data readiness?

What is Data Integration?

Data Integration is an approach to data that enables the collection of data of different types, from different sources and consolidating it into a unified view that is relevant to a particular user, process or procedure that might exist from time to time and in the aviation context, could be different in a different timeframe.

Differing views can be generated from the same disparate sources, but integrated differently, to generate unique perspectives for different use-cases within the aviation ecosystem. Using well-designed data structures, different aspects can be generated from operationally or machine-generated triggers. These characteristics drive use cases that have significant application for aviation...

Big Data Needs a Big Strategy

Big Data programs are not delivering on their promises....

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