the Loop


modelled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect; idealistic."a utopian ideology"

For Industry Visionaries

The structure of the Aviation Industry makes it difficult for visionaries in the industry to be heard. Either by their airlines or by the external bodies generally driving the change in the industry.

Its evolved over a long time, but airlines practice an outmoded representative arrangement with organisations like IATA and ICAO, where the position held in an airline, rather than ability or vision, determines membership to the many committees and groups developing the solutions for the growth, efficiency, and indeed the survival of the Aviation industry into the future.

We think there's a better way.

Airline and other industry visionaries, with generations of hands-on experience and years solving the impossible with care and common sense, now have a voice.

Welcome to 'the Loop'.

There is a lot coming down the road for the aviation industry. Unprecedented growth forecasts, if realised, will change the way we will have to go about just about everything. the Loop is about sharing ideas and solutions, asking questions and providing guidance to each other.

the Loop is about developing Utopian worldviews for our industry into the future.

You may think it to be overstating our ideals by using terms like Utopian, but we don't think so. Unless we extend our thinking, we'll just end up trying to force our current capabilities, technology and thinking on future needs.

the Loop has some rules of course, but they're simple. They would be as expected for the exalted group of people from all aspects of the industry that we believe would participate in such a lofty endeavour as to try to influence the direction of the industry.

We are also making the Loop an anonymous forum so that we can collect and share the loftiest of ideas without fear of judgement.

There's nothing to lose by participating and everything to gain. Your peers will be at your fingertips. The different subject threads will be moderated by Closed Loop SME's and eventually different subjects will be distilled into a position paper that will be accessible to the group.

If you're interested, please leave your email address - it doesn't have to be your work email - and we'll send you a registration email shortly so you can pick your handle, your anonymous identity and start posting.