There are some unexplored times ahead for the industry, driven by unprecedented growth forecasts.

Airline projects used to be simpler. They typically fell wholly within departmental boundaries, so administration required minimum participation from senior airline management. However, the organisational structure of airlines also contributed significantly to failure. Now, keeping the industry moving will require different thinking and capability.

Organisationally extensive strategies and the skilled implementation and execution of a range of new requirements is crucial for airlines and the industry. System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) and Trajectory Based Operations (TBO), as well as the integration of their component information standards into just about everything you do, will test even the most prominent airlines. A different approach will be critical.

Assuring component projects remain strategically aligned, eliminating duplication and ensuring their integration with the broader industry environment is a strategic level undertaking and one which Closed Loop can help the Boards and Senior Management of Airlines navigate.

Closed Loop Advantage is specifically designed to assist with these programs. It provides input to an architecture that realigns the organisation along boundaries of responsibility rather than departments, then provides guidance about keeping it relevant, accurate and comprehensive. We look across the airline, across multiple airlines, across the industry, regulators, trends, technology and any other metrics at our disposal. We don't take the responsibility away from the senior airline management, but by acting as a trusted resource, we minimise the amount of their direct involvement required.

This is the Closed Loop ADVANTAGE

What Does Advantage Do?

An Advantage engagement involves the development and continuous maintenance of two vital strategic roadmaps incorporating airline programs with that of emerging industry conditions such as regulatory changes, technology, and other operationally driven trends, as well as developing and maintaining the airline's implementation capability. Assisted by the subject matter experts from several of aviation’s key disciplines, the Board and senior management is then able to provide crucial direction about capability, interoperability and readiness to the organisational, departmental and individual levels of the airline.

ADVANTAGE accomplishes this by ensuring the Board and senior management remains informed about relevant industry developments, including regulatory changes, technology, technical and systems trends on a forward-looking strategic roadmap. ADVANTAGE affords the Board greater assurance around governance and risk about their operational environment, including the way a growing number of industry developments might affect the airline operating environment.

Basis in the Future

Significant issues are emerging in the industry requiring urgent Board and senior management attention and most likely, intervention. These issues affect operational risk, governance and assurance within the operating environment.

Airlines face growing complexity about how to integrate diverse, internally focussed operating requirements, and efficiency and development programs. Now, the ability to design, specify, integrate and implement internal programs with externally driven imperatives by airports, ANSPs and industry-level segments of the operational and passenger movement supply-chain will be critical to continuing efficient and cost-effective operations. Amplifying this complexity is the necessity to maintain your competitive advantages while working collaboratively with your competitors.

Closed Loop ADVANTAGE offers airlines a strategic service, a focused alignment with your company, regarding these types of issues. The focus is to provide the Board and senior management with an ongoing advisory service including development, implementation and forward management of an overarching Strategic Target Implementation Architecture and Organisational Readiness and Capability Plan. The aim is to mitigate risk, provide a system, program and operational assurance along a forward-looking, future-focussed Operational Capability and Systems Trajectory.

Closed Loop ADVANTAGE - The Detail

We have included a high-level framework of the service here for reference for those who might wish to look deeper. However, our ADVANTAGE services are quite nuanced and designed around you, your airline and your operating environment. It is therefore likely to be different from one airline to the next.

To learn more about how Closed Loop ADVANTAGE can work just for you, contact us in the strictest confidence at  to arrange a no-obligation chat about how an ADVANTAGE service can assure yours and your airline's readiness for the future.